Client Slate is built upon 3 fundamental concepts:

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Accessibility

Considering not much software can be considered “simple,” Client Slate’s idea of simplicity is the opposite of what most private care management software solutions currently offer: complexity. We like to borrow the mantra of Google:

Focus on the user and all else will follow.

By focusing on the user and their experience, most other aspects of the software should fall into place naturally. This shifts attention from our bottom line to focusing more on improving our products and services for our customers.

We take you and your clients' privacy seriously. We have spent significant time and resources making sure we are a compliant HIPAA Business Associate. This helps keep you and your organization HIPAA compliant. We understand that the majority of data entered into our application is considered PHI (Protected Heath Information) and needs to be secured. Rest assured our technical specifications and company policies meet the security standards of the health care industry. For more information, feel free to take a look at our HIPAA Business Associate Contract and HIPAA Documentation.

Finally, in the rapidly advancing technology field, accessibility is more important than ever. People do not use only desktop and laptop PCs any more. Professionals expect their data to be accessible from anywhere at any time. Client Slate recognizes and embraces this fact, which is why our application architecture was designed for the cloud. It is accessible from any internet enabled device in any country, infinitely scalable, and can be quickly and efficiently updated.

Simple and to the point. Just enter your username and password.


The Client Slate suite of products contains two applications: Client Cloud and Client Invoice.

Client Cloud contains all client information functionality, and Client Invoice comprises of any invoices submitted to your organization (if you choose to use it).


The home page of the Client Cloud application. Click on any client to open their case. All open cases are displayed in the Client List

Client List

Below displays an example of simple demographic data that can be entered for a client. Also note the sections the client data is separated into: Key Contacts, Legal & Financial, Initial Assessments, Medical, Psychological, Summary, and Notes.

Client Detail

The below screenshot is an example of what you can expect from the Key Contacts, Legal & Financial, Initial Assessments, Medical, Psychological, Summary, and Notes pages. It contains more specific information about the client.

List Example

Below is an example of a data entry form. No loading and no waiting - popups display instantly. Once you click save, the data is injected directly back into the page.


The below screenshot is an example of how you can reassign existing entries instead of entering the same data over and over again. Simply click the link and the entry is instantly assigned.

We also offer copy functionality for some entries.


In some forms, you can format the text however you want. No more plain, boring walls of text. Even better, all the formatting carries over into any generated reports.

Also, never lose your data again because anything entered in these forms is saved every 30 seconds.


You can generate reports in a variety of formats. All can be output in Microsoft Word or printer friendly black and white.

Reporting Popup

Impress your clients with fully formatted reports. Because we provide the option of outputting your data in Microsoft Word, you can modify the document however you want (insert images, format text, etc).

Reporting Word Doc

Create users on the fly and modify them whenever you wish. We provide a variety of user roles from read only to invoice reviewer. You can also restrict client access - which promotes HIPAA compliance.


The home page of the Client Invoice application. From the invoice list page you can review, approve, and decline submitted invoices. Invoices can be submitted to you by any user with the "Employee/Vendor" role.

Invoice List

Below is an example of the form used by vendors or employees to submit invoices to you. They can be exported as both Microsoft Word and printer friendly.

Create Invoice

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