About Us

Vitaview Software was started in 2010 by Brad Kolonay after seeing the current offerings of geriatric care management software to his mother, Barbara Kolonay, owner of Holistic Aging - Options For Elder Care, LLC. With the initial idea of simply increasing his programming knowledge and helping out his mom, the application grew to something much more.

This lead to the creation of Vitaview Software and its first product offering: Client Slate.

Breakthrough Technology

Brad’s personal experience (along with a degree in Computer Games Development from DePaul University and a few years of in software quality assurance) led him to create a few breakthrough technologies which make Client Slate so unique:

Client Slate does things in a way other care management applications don’t. It provides fast, instant, secure access to client data from any internet enabled device. It helps bring the private care management software industry up to the standards that professionals expect from data entry and client organization software.

Continuous Innovation

After nearly two years in development, the private beta of Client Slate was launched in September, 2012. Since then, based largely on customer feedback, hundreds of updates have been delivered to customers.

While still small, Vitaview Software is committed to providing the most technologically advanced and robust software available. Staying small helps the company provide better, faster, more personal customer service - and highly customizable functionality for its users.

If you ever have any type of feature request or suggestion, please feel free to contact us at any time.